3 Best Strategies on betting in a Rugby Sports


Rugby is a game of big, striking score lines and strategic extremes; and there’s no preferred place to exploit that over the winning margin markets.

While predicting the winning edge in sports like football, where objectives are few, or ice hockey, where the hole between the team is regularly small, rugby offers such unstable scores that the winning edges accessible at bookies like Bet365 are forced to replicate this. This makes building a betting strategy around the winning edge advertise much easier.

Winning Margin Market

For players searching for greater chances, the most astounding potential prizes are found in the standard winning edge market: where expectations are made in blocks of five points, for instance, backing Leeds to beat Wigan by 16-20 points in their Super League conference in May 2014 was accessible pre-match at 7/1 with Bet365. The last score, unexpectedly, was 28-12 to Leeds.

Winning Margin Five-Way Market

Those hoping to rack up regular, but slightly more uncertain, wins are better advised to take a look in the winning edge five-way market, which enable player to bet on a lot of more extensive results in a few matches. In the Leeds versus Wigan match, for instance, Leeds to win by at least 13 or more was 19/10; which still isn’t bad considering the amazing structure Leeds were in prior to the meeting.

The decision between these markets isn’t just a single risk exposure, however – it’s also about the games that you pick to bet on. And there are some key insights and comparison that should illuminate your choice.

Points Difference

The most helpful number is the point’s difference, which is the entire points scored minus the total conceded. Take this for any team, separate it by the quantity of matches played, and you’ll have the average winning (or losing) edge. Comparing this before a game will give you a smart thought of whether the teams are probably going to be an even match, and therefore whether you should be looking at a high or low edge between them.

In order to get a more nuanced idea of the contrast between two opposite sides, it’s additionally worth comparing points for and points against. Returning to Leeds against Wigan, it was clear before the match that the two sides were free-scoring – with Leeds totaling 326 from 10 games and Wigan totaling 306 from nine. But when you take a look at the amount they conceded, 82 and 160 individually, there were clear indications of a fair-sized Leeds win.

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