6 Reasons Why Betting on Rugby is Worth It


It is already given that the economic rise of any sport lends a passage to the betting industry. The point that rugby is now one of the more predictable games in the world make it even more alluring for punters. Financially, the Rugby Union recorded an incredible €407.1 in revenue in 2015.

When watching your favourite team playing live is very thrilling but if you want more exciting moment try to place a bet on them, if you’re new in betting and have a doubt in doing it, here are some reasons why it is worth it:

muddy field - 6 Reasons Why Betting on Rugby is Worth It

It Distinguish Men from Boys

The physicality of rugby is one of the main reasons why thrill seekers love betting on it. There are authentic reasons about why there are countless rugby’s biggest hits collation videos on Youtube with several thousand views each. This is because no other sports with the 13-a-side game can contend on such an outrageous physical level.

Additionally, it embodies all physicality of the game without featuring numerous stoppages that are part and parcel of many American sports. An 80-minutes crazy ride of rugby offers smashing runs, chomping tackles, few whistles and zero shots of coach’s exhort face between plays.

stadium - 6 Reasons Why Betting on Rugby is Worth It

A Truly Global Sport

From Rugby’s four-yearly World Cup to a huge number of intercontinental competitions over the northern and southern hemispheres, the game has a wide-ranging reach that flexes to almost every corner of the globe. The European Rugby Champions Cup is rugby’s response to UEFA Champions League, joining the leading English, Irish, Welsh, Italian, Scottish and French Clubs.

laptop - 6 Reasons Why Betting on Rugby is Worth It

Online Betting

The quick leap of online betting, the growth of mobile betting applications and the ease to play, and win virtually anywhere is large contributor to the popularity of betting on rugby.

Rugby In-Play Betting

Rugby is a game that has more characterized patterns that football. As teams gain a territory and continue through the phases, it is possible to score a try or kick penalty. It is very important to take note that rugby’s game play advancement can provide a comfortable in-play betting experience as it is easier to cut out potential game-changing events.

Bet it for William

The underlying foundations of rugby remain rather mysterious, but the most widely accepted myth credits clergyman named William Webb Ellis for conceiving the sport in 1823. His invention came from something all of us who played football as teenagers have dreamt. Apparently irritated with using his feet only, William picked up the ball and ran with it.

Rugby’s Average Probability of Winner

The experts state that rugby is one of the most unpredictably predictable team sport in the world and a statistical research has placed rugby’s average probability of winning at 0.54. It is more than Cricket with 0.52, Soccer with 0.38, or Ice Hockey with 0.37 average probability of wining. The probability was resolved through geometric means and also took into consideration the probability of ties.

Also, it is a prototype team sport whereby it is tough to tell one player from another, the most valuable player is always the kicker. In the World Cup, the same 4-6 teams reappear in the final time after time. There is almost never a major upset. The high rolling national teams often go a year or more without losing. It is the major sport where a weak team is least likely to beat a good team.

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